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More Joy Less Stress

FREE 4 Day Mindset Reset for Parents of Children With Autism

April 5 - April 8, 2022

Attend Live Training + Q&A

We will meet live at 7 PM EST daily for a live training to address mindset shifts in 4 areas of your life - your self, your child, your plan and your team. At the end I'll stick around to answer any questions you have. No worries if you can't attend live, all calls are recorded to emailed out. 

Develop a Mindset Reset Plan

Each day you'll be given a simple assignment to complete. At the end of our 4 days together, you'll have a plan to experience more joy and less stress while raising your child. 

Join Our Community

Too often, raising a child with autism makes you feel like you're "doing it alone," but you don't have to. Join our supportive and positive community to connect with other parents of children with autism who have similar goals for their lives and children. 

During This Experience You Will:

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1 Participant Will Win a Free 60 Minute Autism Parenting Coaching Session

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Meet Your Host - Quiana Darden, M.Ed
Founder of Shining on the Spectrum

Quiana's daughter was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old. Now, 6 years later, they've overcome many of the obstacles autism placed in their way with the help of research, therapists and most importantly, the right mindset. A mindset that believes you can live a life with more sunshine and less rain because autism doesn't have to steal your joy. 

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