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Shining on the Spectrum 

The Club

Helping parents of children with autism live with more joy and less stress through coaching, community and resources. 

There’s a difference between just making it as an autism parent and shining on the spectrum

When You're Only Making It You Have Just Enough...


to make it through the day without throwing in the towel


to manage yet

another behavior challenge


to hold back tears so you don't break down in front of your child 


of what's going on with your child to make things a bit better

You have just enough strength to hold on and do it all again the next day

But When You're Shining on the Spectrum You Feel...


to research + secure the best support for your child 


because you know how to prioritize your mental health


about your relationship with your child and their future


to take on challenges that may arise because you're not alone

It's time to get on the right side of this autism parenting journey

Welcome to
Shining on the Spectrum: The Club


Here's What to Expect When You Join...


Raising a child with autism is not a one size fits all experience, so you’ll answer a few questions when you join so I can learn more about your family, your journey, your challenges and your goals.


To ensure you have the right foundation in place I recommend you listen to my signature audio course based on the Shining on the Spectrum framework. Within the course we'll ensure you have the right mindset and beliefs before embarking on your journey in the club.  


Our resource vault is designed to provide quick answers and solutions to common questions so you can take action today. You'll find videos, checklists, guides and so much more in our one stop shop. 

Q&A Calls

This is the core of the club. Each month we’ll get together for live Q&A sessions. I invite you to use this opportunity to deep dive into your specific questions and challenges, so you can walk away feeling supported and prepared. 


I won't be the only voice you hear within the community. I'll also be inviting guest experts to speak on topics relevant to what we need most within the community.


While we meet monthly as a group - our community doors are open 24/7. Use our supportive community to not only connect with other parents, but also to also ask questions and find solutions to your struggles.

There’s More to Raising a Child With Autism Than Enrolling Them In Therapy

If you really want to shine on the spectrum you can’t just enroll your child in therapy and hope for the best. It takes far more than that and unfortunately, as parents we don’t receive guidance on the importance of taking a more holistic approach to raising a child with autism…until now.


When you join Shining on the Spectrum: The Club, you’ll gain access to my exclusive framework that takes into consideration the parent, the child, the family unit and more!

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Shining on the Spectrum Framework

Your Self

Instead of neglecting parental needs, that's our first area of focus. I believe in prioritizing your emotional and mental health, finding parental support + building your confidence.

Your Child

It's crucial that you celebrate your child, believe in them + establish goals that set them up for success in the short term + long term.

Your Plan

Once the core areas of self and child are established we develop an action plan for both your child and household as a whole.

Your Team

Finally it's time to find your child's dream team (of doctors, therapists, etc.), learn how to navigate the system + develop essential advocacy skills.

I know, I know. That probably sounds like a lot - but focusing on these 4 core areas is your quickest path from just making it to shining on the spectrum!

And you don't have to do it alone because I'll be there every step of the way. 


Hey There!

I'm Quiana Darden

When my daughter, Ava, was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old our worlds were turned upside down. What I thought was just her being a late talker was something much more challenging to come to terms with.


But I followed the diagnosing doctor's orders - sign up for ABA, speech and OT and look through a massive packet of information to learn all about autism.

I couldn't believe that was all the support given to me after a diagnosis that sounded so devastating. I was both overwhelmed with information and underwhelmed with support at the same time.


For the first couple of years I stuck to all of the traditional advice offered to me, because I'm a rule follower, but I surprisingly wasn't seeing the results I expected...and everyone told me it was what I should expect because she has autism.


They say insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results - I may be a lot of things but I'm certainly not insane. So when Ava was 5 I flipped the script and began experimenting with different approaches in order to see if things would get better. 


And better get became. Today, Ava is 8 years old, she's enrolled in public school and involved in several extracurricular activities. She sleeps through the night in her room, eats a variety of foods and went from being nonverbal to developing functional communication after many professionals told me it'd never happen.


You see, we didn't get where we are by solely focusing on therapy, instead, we took a more holistic approach in supporting her and ensuring autism didn't stop our lives or steal our joy.


While we still have a long way to go, everyday, we're shining on the spectrum and my desire is to support you on your journey as well. 


 Monthly Plan

Monthly Live Q&A

Monthly Trainings

Access to Resource Library

24/7 Support Community

Shining on the Spectrum Course

Expert Speakers

Discounts on 1:1 Coaching Opportunities



 Annual Plan

Monthly Live Q&A

Monthly Trainings

Access to Resource Library

24/7 Support Community

Shining on the Spectrum Course 

Expert Speakers

Discounts on 1:1 Coaching Opportunities

1:1 30 Minute Kickoff Call 

Enjoy 2 Free Months



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